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Let's Begin!

So you want to learn to play chess? You came to the right place! Chess Attack! will teach you all the basics and then help you progress to become a good chess player.

This is the page to start your journey of learning Chess. On this page you have access to all the basics. Learn and enjoy!

How do I learn about the chess board and pieces?

The best way to learn quickly is to visit our 'Chess Basics' videos

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I know that some chess pieces are more important or valuable than others. How much are the chess pieces worth?

Here just on the right of the page is the value of the chess pieces, each compared to the others. Of course don't forget that the most valuable piece is the King. When the king can't escape being captured he is said to be in 'Checkmate' and the game is over. The King never actually comes off the board. 

How can I learn the special chess language to record my games?

That special language is called 'Chess Notation' and you can definitely learn it! Just 

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The beginner game sheet is an even simpler way to record your games.

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You can use the simple beginner game sheet to start recording your moves right away. This is a great way to start to learn Chess Notation. Just 

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