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Chess in the Mall

One of our exciting initiatives for 2021 is the development of our monthly Chess in the Mall mornings. On the first Saturday of the month we set up tables and chess sets outside Boobooks in the Armidale Beardy Street Mall. Our partnership arrangement with Boobooks enables us to also set up chess sets in Boobooks itself, a great provision especially if it is raining! Chess in the Mall runs from 10am to 12noon.

Chess in the Mall is a delightfully relaxed time where anyone from the community may play chess. Many also enjoy the challenge of playing on the large set. 

In the future we look forward to extending this to a Blitz in the Mall open air one day tournament once a year on the first Saturday of the month 

(date TBA). Also in about a year's time we hope to be hosting a Living Chess in the Mall day when people will become a living Chess set (date TBA). 

Chess in the Mall is a leisurely way to promote the benefits of Chess in our town and also foster a deeper sense of community enjoyment.

Why not come and enjoy the Chesss in the Mall experience?

Our next Chess in the Mall ...
10am to 12 noon
Saturday 3rd September

Outside Boobooks.
See you there!

Insurance kindly provided by our sponsor,
Armidale District Baptist Church

Our Business Card for spreading the information about the club ...

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