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Armidale Chess Club is pleased to announce our participation in Regional Australia Bank’s Community Partnership Program. This program allows you to support us without costing you or The Armidale Chess Club a cent! All you need to do is save with an eFree, Community Partnership Account or Youth Account at Regional Australia Bank, and elect to support us, Armidale Chess Club.


Regional Australia Bank will calculate the average annual balance of each of our supporters and donate the equivalent of one percent to the Armidale Chess Club.


By banking with Regional Australia Bank, you won’t only have access to this great program to help the Armidale Chess Club, but competitive interest rates, fairer fees and sound guidance from their local experts.

For more information contact Sabrina Bowden from Regional Australia Bank on 02 6770 3042 or visit today.

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All You Need to Do ...

  1. Open a Regional Bank Account.

  2. Nominate Armidale Chess Club as the community group that you want to support.

  3. That's it!

  4. At the end of each financial year the equivalent of 10% of your average yearly balance will be donated as a gift to Armidale Chess Club from the Regional Australia Bank. 

  5. No money leaves you account. It is a gift from Regional Australia Bank. 


  1. Tell Regional Australia Bank to make Armidale Chess Club the community group you want to support.

  2. That's it! 

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