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“Every chess master was once a beginner.”

Irving Chernev


Chess is a Way of Life!

Welcome to the Armidale Chess Club the home of people who love playing chess. Whether you are a serious player, up and coming grandmaster or just someone who loves playing chess socially we are the club for you.

World Chess Campion Garry Karparov was right when he said, "Chess is life in miniature". All the beauty, surprise and complexity of life play out on the 64 squares of the chess board. Come and enjoy life with us. Make new friends and take your chess playing to the next level.


“The beauty of chess is it can be whatever you want it to be. It transcends language, age, race, religion, politics, gender, and socioeconomic background. Whatever your circumstances, anyone can enjoy a good fight to the death over the chess board.”

GM Simon Williams

The Chess Club


(Wednesday 24th November).

The church is using the hall this Wednesday and so we will need to postpone the club meeting for only this Wednesday.

See you at Chess next Wednesday!

Chess Attack Covid Note.jpg
Club Meeting Time ...

Wednesday 7pm to 9:30pm 


Armidale District Baptist Church Hall 

- on the corner of Rusden and

Jessie Streets 

(The hall is at the rear of the car park that can be entered from Rusden St)

The Spring Rapid Tournament will be held very soon.

Watch this space for information about registering for the Tournament

Sam Burr is our Winter Blitz Tournament Champion!

After a solid and well fought Blitz tournament one person stood as the obvious Blitz Champion for 2021. Sam Burr had a near perfect score to win as our 2021 Blitz Champion. Congratulations Sam! 

Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 01small.jpg
  • Armidale Chess Club Is not meeting THIS WEDNESDAY (24th) BUT will be back next Wednesday.

The Church needs to use the hall this Wednesday.

Call Andrew (0408 401 534) for more information.

Listen to Rick when he was on Radio

SATURDAY 10th July 2021

Saturday Breakfast show.jpg

Listen here ...

There was a three-way tie for second place.

Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 06small.jpg

Challenger Division

The Challenger Division of the tournament was hotly contested. Khaiam Ali won the final round without a loss, closely followed by Mary Wilke. Their individual game was the decider for Top Player in the Challenger Division.

Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 08small.jpg
Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 02small.jpg

Kaitland Parker and Tony Ewen receive the Encouragement Award for their play within the tournament.

Encouragement Awards

Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 07small.jpg
Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 10small.jpg

Thank You to All Players

Throughout the tournament I was impressed with the level of integrity and grit in all the players. Everyone played their hardest within the challenging Blitz time limit. All were good sports in the games they played.  I was very aware that for a number this was the first Chess Tournament in which they have played. Also we had the challenge of playing with masks because of COVID restrictions. Thank you to everyone who was part of the Winter Blitz Tournament in 2021. 

Photos of the Winter Blitz Tournament

You can move the photos around to look at them or click on any photo to see them in full-size

Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 05small
Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 09small
Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 04small
Winter Blitz 2021 Awards 03small
Winter Blitz 2021 44small
Winter Blitz 2021 43small
Winter Blitz 2021 42small
Winter Blitz 2021 40small
Winter Blitz 2021 41small
Winter Blitz 2021 39small
Winter Blitz 2021 38small
Winter Blitz 2021 37small
Winter Blitz 2021 35small
Winter Blitz 2021 36small
Winter Blitz 2021 34small
Winter Blitz 2021 33small
Winter Blitz 2021 32small
Winter Blitz 2021 30small
Winter Blitz 2021 27small
Winter Blitz 2021 28small
Winter Blitz 2021 29small
Winter Blitz 2021 31small
Winter Blitz 2021 25small
Winter Blitz 2021 23small
Winter Blitz 2021 24small
Winter Blitz 2021 21small
Winter Blitz 2021 18small
Winter Blitz 2021 22small
Winter Blitz 2021 20small
Winter Blitz 2021 17small
Winter Blitz 2021 19small
Winter Blitz 2021 15small
Winter Blitz 2021 16small
Winter Blitz 2021 13small
Winter Blitz 2021 14small
Winter Blitz 2021 11small
Winter Blitz 2021 12small
Winter Blitz 2021 09small
Winter Blitz 2021 10small
Winter Blitz 2021 08small
Winter Blitz 2021 07small
Winter Blitz 2021 06small
Winter Blitz 2021 05 (23 June 2021)
Winter Blitz 2021 02 (23 June 2021)
Winter Blitz 2021 03 (23 June 2021)
Winter Blitz 2021 01 (23 June 2021)
Winter Blitz 2021 26small
Winter Blitz 05 (23 June 2021)
Winter Blitz 01 (23 June 2021)
Winter Blitz 03 (23 June 2021)
Winter Blitz 02 (23 June 2021)

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World Champion of the Month

Each month we will showcase one of the Chess World Champions.

August 2021

The first official World Champion

Wilhelm Steinitz

Wilhelm Steinitz.jpg

The first Official World Chess Champion was Wilhelm Steinitz. He was World Champion from 1886 to 1894, however many believe that he was the world's top player from 1866. Steinitz was unbeaten in match play for 32 years (1862 to 1894). Steinitz gained the crown as the first official World Chess Champion when he played a match against Johannes Zukertort in America in 1886. The match was played at three venues; New York, St Louis and New Orleans. The winner was to be the first to win 10 games no matter how many draws. Steinitz won the match with in impressive score of 10 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses (total score: 12.5 vs 7.5). Though this win made Wilhelm Steinitz the first official World Chess Champion it should be noted that it was Steinitz himself who insisted that the match contract include the wording that the match was for "the Championship of the World"! 

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Video of the Week

Do you plan when you play chess? Planning is an essential part of the middlegame. Here is an instructive video by Stjepan Tomi ("Hanging Pawns" Youtube Channel). Stjepan is one of our partners.