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Armidale Chess Club is committed to developing healthy community partnerships to promote Chess in Armidale. 


Armidale District Baptist Church is our sponsor and provides both our venue and insurance cover. We appreciate their willingness to partner with a community group. Under this unique arrangement Armidale Chess Club is termed a ministry of Armidale District Baptist Church. 


We are proud to partner with ...

ChessCliniclogo.png - IM Javier Gil 


Javier Gil is a strong International Master with a FIDE rating of 2455. Javier has an excellent reputation as a Chess Coach who is outstanding at explaining the hard concepts of chess in ways that are easy to understand. He has lived in Australia but is now residing in Spain. 


We partner with Boobooks in our 

Chess in the Mall Saturdays. We thank Boobooks for allowing us to use the space in front of the building and also set up chess boards in the shop itself. We enjoy both their hospitality and their great coffee!


If you are looking for a chess coach then we strongly recommend that you contact Chess.Clinic.

We now have the privilege of using Javier Gil's training videos on our website. You will find them under the ChessAttack! (Youth,Kids) menu. Enjoy!

UNE Chess Club.png
UNE Chess Club Logo.png

We are pleased to add a new partnership to our growing association with groups for the advancement of chess in Armidale. UNE Chess is a group that is being started in the next few months. If you are at the UNE and would like to be part of a campus based chess club then contact Mariano (0478 612 072,
Link to UNE Life Chess Club click here.

Chesspeacetonysullivan(21 April 2021).jp

Our new partnership; Tony Sullivan who writes Chess Peace cartoons. Thanks Tony for agreeing to partner with us (21 April 2021). Tony's cartoons can be found on Facebook  



Tony Sullivan's cartoons can be purchased on mugs, shirts and bags at  

MSK Chess.png

MSK Chess

our new video Chess training partner

MSK Chess is a Youtube Channel dedicated to the study of chess openings, chess strategy and chess videos. "It is the hope of this channel that these videos will be educational as well as entertaining"

Robbie (Glasgow, United Kingdom)

These training videos are only available to Armidale Chess Club Players and can be found in the Chess Attack! Training section. Click Here

school partnership.jpg

Armidale Chess Club is committed to being a partner with each of the Chess Clubs and chess coaches in the schools of Armidale. We wish to be a support and source of resources for school chess in our area. As partnerships are confirmed the schools will appear here.

Hanging Pawns - Stjepan Tomic.png
stjepan tomic picture.jpeg

New Youtube Training video partner


Stjepan Tomic in Croatia (30 May 2021)

Stjepan explains in his YouTube Channel that ...

"Hanging Pawns is a chess channel for players who are trying to improve (by a player who is trying to improve). 

I am a chess player who has started his career late by any standards. I played my first rated tournament game when I was 26, eighteen months ago. Since then I have decided to dedicate my life and my time to chess, and to make it possible to travel to tournaments and to have enough money and time to do so. My ultimate goal is to work daily until I become a GM, which will surely take years to accomplish. I hope you find something useful here and that you get to improve your chess as well! Cheers!

Stjepan's current ELO rating is 1911.


Stjepan Tomic writes ...

If you like the videos and would like to support me, consider donating via PayPal,

or becoming a Patreon supporter

Thank you


Kens FreeChess Lessons.png

New Youtube Training video partner


Ken is from Elk Grove, California and prepared these video lessons in 2012 when he was teaching chess to students. His lessons are based upon Irving Chernev's book "Logical Chess Move By Move".

Ken's YouTube Channel is called "KensOfficeUSA" but, by permission, we will be including his videos on our website.



An exciting NEW partner!

IM Christof Sielecki - 

Christof Sielecki.jpg

We are very pleased to now be partnering with Christof Sielecki who is well known for his books and his courses on his website

Christof is from Germany and gained is IM title in 2012. He currently has a rating of 2431. In 2014 he became a professional chess teacher. In his own words, "I have published two Chessable books, a book on the Nimzo and Bogo Indian and created video content for Chess24 on the Ruy Lopez and English Opening. I am regularly streaming live for Chess24 and the Internet Chess Club (ICC). This includes entertaining Blitz sessions as well as serious live tournament coverage up to the level of World Championship Matches."

Many Chess players know of Christof Sielecki because of his two opening books, "Keep It Simple: 1e4" and "Keep It Simple: 1d4".


We will now be promoting Christof's "ChessExplained" YouTube video's in our members only training pages on our website.

Book - Keep it Simple 1.e4.jpg
Book - Keep it Simple 1.d4.jpg
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