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Play Fritz

See how you go playing one of the best computer chess programs available!

Wait a few moments for the Chess Board to appear.

 Fritz Online is the chess playing entity with by far the biggest opening repertoire on this planet. New theory is available soon after it has been played in a grandmaster game.

This program can also be used to analyse your games by setting the Level to "Analysis". 


When playing a game changing colour is a bit difficult ...

1. Click on "Live Book".

2. Then click on either "Load Black" or Load White" depending on what colour you want to play.

3. Then start a new game.

When analysing a game ...

You can increase the analysis lines the program is suggesting by clicking on the '+' to the right hand side of the analysis.


Click on the icon on the left for a free download of the Stockfish chess program, one of the strongest Chess Engines in the world.

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