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Farewell Geert!

Wednesday 28th April 2021

On Wednesday night we farewelled Geert Geesink who has been our club President for about 10 years. Geert played us all in a Simul. This was great way for us to say farewell by each of us getting the final chance to play against Geert.

Geert played an instrumental role in the reestablishment of the Armidale Chess Club in 2012. He has been the mainstay of the club during this time often being the one opening the hall on club nights and keeping things going.

The Star Community Newspaper interviewed Geert on 26th October 2011.

'Geert Geesink believes it's about time the Armidale Community had a chess club of its own. When Geert arrived in Armidale five years ago, he was surprised to find that there was no active chess club. ... "Recently I was involved in a regional primary school competition and was amazed to learn that there are about 100 primary school chess players in the region,” said Geert. "This must mean that there are also a fair number of teenagers and adults that have an interest in chess.”

Geert has been active in tournaments in the region and encouraged other club members to play in tournaments. He has played in ...

  • The 2013 Country Teams Championship where he captained the Armidale 1 team to 2nd place. (The Armidale 2 team gained 6th place.)

  • The Newcastle Open Tournament

  • The Dubbo RSL Open Tournament

  • The Gunnedah Australia Day Weekend Tournament - taking equal 1st in 2016

  • The Gunnedah Week of Speed Tournament - taking 1st one year.

  • The Gosford Open

Geert not only played in tournaments but encouraged others in the club to also play.

Geert was also the Chess Coach at Sandon Public School for many years and has a heart to see the kids of Armidale grow as chess players.

Geert, thanks for the important role you have played in the Armidale Chess Club!

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