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The First Chess Book in English

Did you know that the second book to ever be printed in the English language was a chess book? The book was written and printed by English printer William Caxton in 1474. William Caxton was the first printer in England.

The book was called "The Game and Playe of the Chesse" and actually is not about chess!

The book uses the chessboard and its pieces to allegorize a political community whose citizens contribute to the common good. "The Game and Playe of the Chesse" is a translation of Jacobus de Cessolis’ thirteenth-century political treatise, the "Liber de moribus hominum et officiis nobilium ac popularium super ludo scachorum" (The Book of the Morals of Men and the Duties of Nobles and Commoners, on the Game of Chess).

Now that's amazing!

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