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Training 06 - Kubbel and Co.

Updated: May 14, 2021

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Following on from last week's endgame studies by Kasparyan I have chosen a beautiful endgame study from Leonid Kubbel as the lead example for this week's training.

Kubbel was born in Saint Petersburg 6 January, 1892, and died of starvation in the same city (then called Leningrad) on 18 April 1942 during 1942 during the Nazi siege. He was christened Karl Artur Leonid, but amended his forenames to Leonid Ivanovich subsequent to the 1917 October Revolution.

He composed more than 1500 endgame studies and problems, many of which were awarded first prize for their great beauty and original conception. He is generally considered one of the greatest of all endgame composers. He was a chemical engineer by profession.

I encourage players to go through the moves in bold first to see the idea intended by the composer. Then go back and play through the non-bold moves to see the sidelines or variations of what could also transpire.

Pal Benko was an over-the-board Grandmaster. (Hungary, 15.7.1928 - 26.8.2019 USA). He won 8 US championships. He qualified for the 1970 Interzonal tournament, the leaders of which advanced to the Candidates. However, he gave up his spot in the Interzonal to Bobby Fischer, who went on to win the World Championship in 1972.

Emilian Dobrescu (Romania, born 22.5.1933). Grandmaster of the FIDE for chess composition since 1989.

Julien Vandiest (Belgium, 15.6.1919 - 2.3.2011). Vandiest specialised in miniature endgames with queens.

Notice that the compositions by Kubbel and Benko have the pawns on identical squares and the pieces in different positions. Note the advanced Black passed pawn on the a-file. The other two composers, Dobrescu and Vandiest, have a pawn further back on the square a4 and only a dark squared bishop.

Kubbel and co
Download PDF • 343KB

I hope you all enjoy playing through these wonderful pieces of chess art!



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