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Our Tournaments

Throughout the year Armidale Chess Club plays regular club tournaments. These tournaments take different forms: Swiss, Knockout, Rapid and Classical. Clocks and time controls are used for some tournaments.

All are welcome to play in these tournaments. 

Where possible members of the Chess Club also play in tournaments around NSW and beyond. Click here for information on other Tournaments.

Rate of Play Time Controls


Less than 3 minutes per game. Common Bullet time controls are:  

(1) 1 minute + an increment of 2 sec./move or

(2) 2 minutes + an increment of 1 sec./move.


Between 3 to 5 minutes per game often with an increment of 2 sec./move. The FIDE World Blitz Chess Championship uses 3 min. + an increment of 2 sec./move. 


Between 10 min. to 30 min. per move. The current FIDE World Rapid Chess Championships use 15 min. + an increment of 10 sec./move


Over 30 minutes a game. The current FIDE World Classical Chess rate of play is 90 minutes for first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game + an increment of 30 sec./move  starting from move 1.

Winter Blitz Tournament
Winter 2022
Swiss Tournament starts Wednesday 17th August 2022


Wall of Club Champions

Winter Blitz Tournament 2021

Term 2, 2021

sam burr.jpg

Sam Burr

Blitz Champion 2021

Spring Rapid Tournament 2021

Term 3, 2021


Sam Burr

Rapid Champion 2021

Summer Classic
Tournament 2021

Jan, 2022


Sam Burr

Classic Champion 2021

Ladder Tournament 2021

Term 1, 2021


Geert Geesink

Problem Solving Competition 2022

25 May 2022


Chris Martin

Problem Champion 2022

Click Here 
to see Problems & Solutions

Winter Blitz Tournament 2022

Term 2, 2022



Blitz Champion 2022

Spring Rapid
Tournament 2022

Term 3, 2022



Rapid Champion 2022

Summer Classic
Tournament 2022

Term 4, 2022



Classic Champion 2022

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