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Chess Training

Welcome to the training segment of the Armidale Chess Club. This segment provides training lessons and resources for Armidale Chess Club players. For this reason it is not available to the public. Training for Juniors can be found under "Chess Attack! (Juniors)".

Your Chess abilities are dynamic and changing. This section of our website exists so you can access resources to help you develop and improve your chess. We are also conscious that there is so much Chess information out there on the web but not all of it is of a good quality. Here we will also provide guidance so you can find the good websites that are worth your time and won't lead you astray.

Over time these training pages will become a brilliant resource for you.

When starting to train it is important to think about where you put your effort. The "Priorities for Training" diagram below sets a clear emphasis on examining your own games first and then developing your skills in playing the Endgame. Your effort then goes in Middle Game theory, planning and tactics. Only last do your efforts go into the Opening. We recommend you hold to these priorities in the way you apportion your time to get the maximum value out of your Chess training.

training paradigm.png

Record & Analyse your Own Games

Every game you play is an opportunity for you to record your moves and then analyse your game. There can be great benefit in playing through the game with your opponent straight after the chess game is finished. Then you will both get an idea of what you were both thinking during the game. Game Score Sheets are available at the Chess Club or can be downloaded from this page.

The next step is to analyse your game using a computer Chess program. This website has the well respected Fritz Chess Engine that you may use to analyse your games. Or you can download Stockfish and use it.

Whether you win or lose enjoy learning from your games. It is the only way to improve. 


Great Chess Games

We will also provide a selection of great games both classic and modern that will teach you much about playing chess. By playing these games through and following the analysis you will see patterns and strategies that you will be able to incorporate in your games.

Do you want a Chess Coach?

IM Javier Gil 


Javier Gil is a strong International Master with a FIDE rating of 2455. Javier has an excellent reputation as a Chess Coach who is outstanding at explaining the hard concepts of chess in ways that are easy to understand. He has lived in Australia but is

now residing in


If you are looking for a chess coach then we strongly recommend that you contact Chess.Clinic.

We now have the privilege of using Javier Gil's training videos on our website. You will find them under the ChessAttack! (Youth,Kids) menu.

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End Game Training

Being good at playing the endgame is essential if you want to become a great chess player. Every world class player has excellent endgame ability. The resources under the "Endgame" menu item will help you develop your endgame.

Middle Game & Tactics Training

There are many excellent books, videos and websites that will help you develop your middle game and tactics. We will make you aware of these under the "Middle Game & Tactics" menu above.

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Opening Training

It makes a huge difference if you start your Chess game with a solid position. The resources under the "Openings" menu will provide some guidance for you in developing your chess opening play.

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