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Trap of the Day

Chess is a game of cunning where you can set traps for your opponent and they can set traps for you! Will you fall into their traps? Will you set traps that will catch them?

This Trap of the Day page provides articles that will help you grow to be a very tricky chess player. 

Let coach Rick teach you how to set and side-step traps.

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Trap 01 French Defence.png

Trap 01

15th March 2021

Here is a fascinating trap that comes from the French Defence: Advance Variation.


Trap 04

21st March 2021

Here is a very nice trap for Black playing against the Reti Opening.


Trap 07

4 May 2021

Enjoy learning about the Bishop's Opening for White.

Trap 02 Kings Indian.jpg

Trap 02

17th March 2021

Kings Indian Defence Trap.



Trap 05

22nd March 2021

This is a great minature game that White wins playing against the Hungarian Defence.

Trap of the Day 08 Title.png

Trap 08

6 July 2021

Have you met the Grob Opening and some of the way you can defeat your opponent with it?

Trap 3 picture.jpg

Trap 03

19th March 2021

Today's traps come from the King's Gambit. Here are some short wins for Black & White


Trap 06

23rd March 2021

Here is a great Queen hunt starting from the Alekhine's Defence.

Trap of the Day 09 Title.png

Trap 09

8 July 2021

The Spanish Game or Ruy Lopez is an opening for White that many great Chess Players know. You can benefit from knowing it too.

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